Stories and Testimonies

Many people have wonderful and inspiring stories and testimonies to share on how Living Mercy Voice Foundation (LMVF) have touched their lives. It really does not matter whether you are a beneficiary, member or volunteer – there is a blessing for everyone.

Here are some of the success stories and testimonies shared.


Appreciation to Living Mercy

Living Mercy Voice Foundation Beneficiary

I really want to appreciate the entire board of Living Mercy Voice Foundation for their support towards my university education. Thanks for seeing me through my education. I know that I am blessed to be a beneficiary of the foundation.I can’t thank you enough.I will forever be indebted to the foundation. God bless you all. Long live the foundation!

Omodolapo Adigun

Whenever I have a need, the Lord abundantly supplies

I joined the LMVF from inception. The bible says he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord. God has really been faithful in my life. Whenever I have a need, the Lord abundantly supplies. I can boldly testify that I truly see God manifest in every arm of my life. He has been so good to my family and I.

Femi Adefisan
Volunteer/Committee Member

An opportunity to exercise myself in the grace of giving

I was attracted to LMVF because I saw therein, the opportunity to exercise myself in the grace of giving, not in a random occasional manner but systematically, with visible measurable impact (Galatians 6:9-10, Ephesians 6:7-8). One event in the history of the foundation that really stood out for me (personally) is the establishment of the orphanage arm of the foundation, and since inception, it has been such a blessing to children who would otherwise have been lost to tragedy.

The impact of LMVF on my life personally, is summed up in the scripture-based motto: “THE ESSENCE OF LIVING IS GIVING AND GIVING IS LIVING”. I have learnt that meaningful giving is a lifestyle, not an occasional activity. I have learnt that such commitment is not necessarily always convenient, but in due season, brings great recompense of reward – physically and spiritually.

Oluwaseun Akinpelu
Volunteer/Member - Medical Committee

I have developed an increased sense of responsibility

I have been a member of the LMVF since inception in the year 2000. I was personally drawn to be part of this noble project by the Lord Himself, through the shared vision and the agenda of the spiritual oversight of the church for the foundation.

Since joining the foundation, I have developed an increased sense of responsibility (beyond my immediate family), to my community and especially the less privileged in my immediate environment. This has really broadened my scope of coverage in intercession and made me more accountable spiritually.

Oyewole O. M
Volunteer/Member - Medical Committee

Given me a new understanding of God’s LOVE

I have been a member of the LMVF for about 5 years. The greatest attracting force for me was the vision of being an expression of God’s love to others and since involvement, I have served in the medical committee of the foundation.

My close relationship with the children in the orphanage home has given me a new understanding of God’s LOVE. My activities at LMVF has helped me to see that people don’t just need your money, they need your time, your prayers, love and attention too.

The LMVF expresses in practical term, the notion “Giving is living and living is giving”.

Dr. Funmi Olopade
Volunteer/Member - Medical Committee

Touched by mercy, changed by mercy

I joined the LMV Foundation primarily because I want to be a part of those given to helping the needy and orphans. One event of the LMV foundation that has really touched my heart was when the caption “TOUCHED BY MERCY, CHANGED BY MERCY” was boldly displayed by the children, during the 2014 charity concert.

Personally speaking, God has been faithful to me spiritually and materially. Every need in my life has been fully and timely met.

Mrs Toyin Adebunmi
Volunteer/Member - Education Committee