Living with Integrity

looking forward

No matter what we do in life,
We need to show we stand
As men and women who trust in God
With integrity in hand

For God wants us to live in the light
Of the truth we have heard,
Being faithful in the little things
And standing on His word

For many may move the boundaries
From what they know is right,
Conforming to what the world may say
And feeling it’s justified

But God looks deep within the heart,
Exposing our every thought,
For there is nothing that we can hide
From the searching eyes of the Lord

And He will bring it out one day
Into His radiant light
Then we’ll be found as we really are
With nowhere to run and hide

We must decide to live a life
Clothed with integrity
So nothing will hinder what God would do
In us, and our ministries

Then others we come in contact with
Will see we stand for the truth,
Not compromising the ways of God
For what the world would do.

© By M.S.Lowndes

One response to “Living with Integrity”

  1. But for the grace and mercy of God,
    That child in the orphanage could have been you or me!